Chipolo ONE Spot

Travel with peace of mind

Enjoy your vacation while Chipolo
keeps an eye on your business.

Works only on Apple

The essential object locator. Perfect for finding your keys, passport and suitcase in seconds.

Add Chipolo ONE Spot to Apple's "Locate" application and hundreds of millions of friends in the network will help you find your missing belongings.

Play a very loud sound to locate them, receive a notification when you accidentally leave them behind, or when the network spots your lost object.

Chipolo Pack x1

4 950 F

Chipolo Pack x2

7 290 F

Universal Adapter

It allows travelers to charge their devices anywhere in the world.
Two practical USB ports are integrated.

Your Universal Adapter with 2x USB ports: ideal for charging multiple devices on a single adapter while on the move.

For use all over the world!

Universal Adapter

1 990 XPF