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A few words about your future destination

Even if it is close to us, the country of the kiwis offers us an exploration and a total discovery for an exotic trip. The national identity is half Maori, half Pakeha and we already know almost all of their national sport thanks to their legendary All Blacks team, Rugby. New Zealand is divided into 2 islands: the Smoky Island, in the North, and Jade Island, in the South.
When we think of New Zealand, we often think of its magnificent fiords. The Fiordland National Park on the South Island is one of the most spectacular places, with no less than 14 fiords and 5 large lakes. However, only 2 fiords can be visited: Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound. Those leaving with backpacks and hiking boots can't miss Routeburn Track, a world-renowned 32 km trampoline track, or the Mount Cook hikes which offer unique scenery. Those who think you can't laze on a white sandy beach and swim in turquoise water will be disappointed if they discover Abel Tasman National Park.
New Zealand is known for its great outdoors, its mountains, its national parks, its volcanoes, its glaciers, which have made many people dream after seeing the trilogy The Lord of the Rings. There are many walks and bike rides, and motorhome tours are very popular.
Speaking of The Lord of the Rings, did you know that it is possible to visit Hobbiton, the village of the Hobbits? This village specifically built for the sets of the trilogy has not been destroyed and can be visited since then by all movie lovers or the most curious. Moreover, the success of these films will have made famous the Tongarino National Park, sheltering turquoise water lakes and 3 volcanoes. As for the Cathedral Cove, which served as the set for the Narnia World Trilogy, it was voted the most beautiful beach in the N-Z (there again, no need to hide the turquoise water and the white sand beach...).
In a completely different register, if you want to meet the smallest dolphin in the world, Hector's dolphin, go to Akaora, a French village prized at the time for its whales.
Queenstown, on the shores of Lake Wakatipu in the south of the island, is known for its ski resorts in the Southern Alps (Coronet Peak in particular, 18 km away) and its various activities. The most daring will love for example bungee jumping from the suspension bridge of the Kawarau Gorge or jetboat rides on the Shotover and Dart rivers.
If you go to Rotorua in the north, you will discover a Maori village, boiling mud pools and several geysiers, the most famous of which is Pohutu, which erupts several times a day. And yes, Rotorua adjacent to the lake of the same name is known for its geothermal activity. Fishing and water sports are also popular and the Whakarewarewa forest offers incredible cycling trails.
On a completely different setting, the city of Aukland on the North Island offers a more urban side with its buildings, but is also home to a marina, parks (including the Auckland Estate), landscaped gardens (the Wintergardens Gardens), and even a beach (Mission Bay) on the edge of the city centre where you can climb to the top of the Sky Tower for a panoramic view of the city, all at the foot of an extinct volcano.
It makes you want to go on an adventure...