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French Polynesia is 118 islands, 76 of which are inhabited and grouped into 5 dreamy archipelagos: the Society Archipelago with the Windward and Leeward Islands, the Tuamotu Archipelago, the Gambiers Archipelago, the Austral Archipelago and the Marquesas Archipelago.
Ancient civilization has left many vestiges such as the marae temples that you will find in different places: Marae de Taputapuatea on the island of Raiatea (classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!), Marae Arahurahu on the island of Tahiti in Paea or Marae Upeke on the island of Hiva Oa in Taaoa.
Tahiti, of the Archipelago and Society and the Windward Islands, is known for its black sand beaches, lagoons, waterfalls and 2 extinct volcanoes. It is very popular with tourists and for good reason. Tahiti offers magnificent hikes and the fittest will be able to crawl up Mont'Orohena, the highest peak of the island, for a 6-hour hike offering a breathtaking view of Tahiti and the neighboring islands. Don't miss the magnificent Lake Vaihiria which is located in the heart of lush vegetation where you can go on foot, horseback or quad bike.
Not far from there, you can sail to the magnificent Bora-Bora Island which makes you dream with its "postcard" landscapes, its lagoon, its bungalows on stilts, its manta rays, its barrier reef and its Mount Otemanu which culminates in the centre of the atoll.
Opposite Tahiti, you have the island Moorea - with its 3 bays, its beaches, its tropical forests, its 8 dizzying mountains, it will delight hikers and divers. The island is small and you can easily go around it and stop at the countless viewpoints including the Loockout belvedere.
Cradle of pearl farming in Polynesia (the famous Tahitian pearls!) you will be able to visit a pearl farm in the Gambiers archipelago. And on the Tuamotu Islands, diving enthusiasts will be delighted by the beauty of the underwater show and the colour gradations of the lagoon and its corals.
As for the Cook Islands in the Austral Islands, they have a taste of paradise. They offer green volcanoes, crystal clear lagoons, white sandy beaches... even if idleness is more of a context, the Cook Islands are full of cultural and natural richness and the welcome is very warm. But Rurutu is the main island of the Austral archipelago. It abounds in limestone caves with impressive stalactites and stalacmites, offering landscapes very different from those of its neighbouring islands.
Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva, 'Ua Pou... these soft sounds are none other than the Marquesas Islands which form one of the 5 archipelagos and is located 1500 km north of Tahiti. These volcanic islands with their luxuriant nature are a paradise for hikers.
French Polynesia is also known for its canoe and vaka races and of course the traditional dance. If you are in Papeete in July, don't miss Heiva, an annual cultural event that honors the dances 'ori tahiti, 'ote'a, 'aparima, hivinau and paoa.