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A few words about your future destination

To think Australia is to think a whole state of mind. A lot of images come to mind quite easily: a converted vane running through the Australian deserts and along the coasts of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Surfers walking on the big beaches surfing under the arm or caressing the waves...
Maybe also because the most famous surfing competition in the world takes place there every year at Bells Beach : The Rip Curl Pro...
It's certainly the kind of area that offers spectacular beaches: Byron Bay, Bondi, Four Mile Beach, Whitehaven Beach, Cable Beach, Palm Beach and Lucky Bay.
Festival-goers will be delighted to wear boots&shorts to the Bluesfest, Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival, Rainbow Serpent festival, Sydney Festival or Babylon Festival (Australians have a certain taste for partying...) It's
hard to make a tour of Australia without passing through Sydney. Seen from above, it is a beautiful city surrounded by water. If you are lucky enough to be on the window side, you can even see the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge that make Sydney so great.
If you go to Canberra, you will be served culture and history: national parks, museums, the Australian Parliament, the Telstra Tower... You won't be disappointed to visit the capital.
But Melbourne is also very popular. Multicultural and creative, you'll find the Melbourne Arts Centre, the National Gallery of Victoria, street artists, café terraces... And as you stroll around the Victoria region, you can discover the Australian fauna and flora which make it so popular, notably through the Great Otway National Park, The Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve, Great Ocean Walk or by taking the Great Ocean Road, Australia's most beautiful scenic route through which you'll discover the 12 Apostles, those impressive limestone towers that tower 45m above the ocean.
More unusual, the Uluru Camel Cup will delight those who want to know more about the outback lifestyle. It is indeed a camel race organized annually in the Yulara, in central Australia, yes, yes. You will be able to see Uluru, but more importantly, you will be able to watch Uluru. Don't you see? It's the famous huge rock you see at the beginning of the cartoon Bernard and Bianca in the land of kangaroos.
If Australia is the setting of many movies, it is also for its incredible fauna. You can quickly imagine the kangaroos, koalas, cockatoos, quokkas, emus, wombats, wallabies, echnids... all the exotic animals that you dream of seeing at last! (even if there are some others not mentioned that we would like to avoid crossing).
Are you flying to Australia soon? Then try the challenge of making a selfie with a quokka, the most smiling animal on the planet 😊 A little marsupial, not very shy, it can be found mainly on Rottnest and Bald islands. It is now well known under the hashtag #quokkaselfie.
So on your marks, get set, smile!