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Vanuatu is only an hour and a half flight from Noumea. Yet, this archipelago of 83 islands offers a wild nature completely different from the rock and opens the doors to a cultural adventure full of discoveries and breathtaking landscapes. As soon as you arrive, the smile of the people of Vanuatu will not deceive you and their warm welcome will put you directly in the conditions of a trip that is exotic, peaceful and resourcing.
Of a very preserved nature, the virgin forest covers 75% of the surface of Vanuatu and its volcanic soil has generated an incredible flora.
If you go directly to Efaté Island, you will be able to enjoy on the one hand the capital Port-Vila, its market, its walk along the sea... but also the wild nature of the island which does not offer any other city. Only villages, waterfalls, blue holes, and the place to practice various activities (hiking, horseback riding, tour of the island).
The seabed offers a spectacle of coral reefs and marine fauna enchanting diving enthusiasts. On the island of Espiritu Santo, you will discover some of the most beautiful sites in the world. Between wrecks (notably that of President Colidge, Million Dollar Point, USS Tucker, MV Henry Bonneaud), underwater caves, corals, turtles, pelagics, reef sharks, tunnels... amateurs and the curious will not be disappointed by an underwater excursion.
On this island, you will also discover magnificent blue holes, paradisiacal beaches, caves... For the most adventurous, you should not miss the Millenium Cave excursion, a sacred cave, accessible after a certain journey and in particular a magnificent crossing in the jungle.
In Tanna, you will be able to go to the Yasur volcano, still active, but the visit of this wild island is not limited to it. You will be able to meet the villagers living in a traditional way in tribe, to make excursions, kayak, fishing. Between volcanic black sand beaches, forests, coral beaches and lunar plains, it is a mysterious and magical island.
Vanuatu has preserved its environment and way of life and allows us a few hours away from here an enriching escape.